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Bailey Clift

Founder & Director

Tim Scott

Founder & Director


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What is branding, and why is it important for my business?

Branding is the soul of your business made visible. It's how you connect emotionally with your audience through design, tone, and personality. A strong brand stands out in a crowded market, builds trust, and drives customer loyalty.

How does the branding process work?

Our process starts with discovery – understanding your business, goals, and audience. We then move to strategy, where we define your brand's unique attributes. Next is design, where we bring your brand to life visually. Finally, we deliver your brand assets and guidelines for consistent application across all touchpoints.

How long does the branding process take?

Typically, our branding projects range from 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the complexity and scope of work. We believe in doing it right rather than doing it fast, ensuring your brand's foundation is solid for years to come.

Why should I work with NeueStudio?

Neue Studio isn’t just about beautiful designs; it's about pushing boundaries and employing innovative design thinking to solve complex brand challenges. This means going beyond aesthetics to ensure every design element serves a purpose and contributes to the brand's overall strategy and objectives.